Friday, April 1, 2011

16 DAYS!!

Ok, let's hope I'm better at getting married than I am at blogging. I'm pretty sure I have lost all followers at this point (and I can't blame you) so I am writing this with the full understanding that it might be read by one person-me. :) Last Thursday was great! Not only did I get to have my mom in town, I got to take a day off work, AND we did the final walk through! Hummingbird House is prettier every time I visit it...the flowers have bloomed people!! The florist and cater knew the answer to every question, concern, and worry my Mom and I's like they have done this before. :) As we were walking around talking logistics I couldn't help but to daydream about the big is going to be wonderfully beautiful, exciting, and FUN. The countdown has begun...and I feel prepared! We are down to the last few details! I can't wait!!! And, let's be serious, I might do another blog before the actual wedding but I'm not making any promises. SO....there is a large chance I will be Mrs. Jack the next time we talk!! That has a nice ring to it. Your girl, Amber

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  1. i just told your dad yesterday that you hadn't posted in forever!!! shame on me. i can't believe i have only one week to corner the kleenex market!!
    see you in Austin