Friday, April 1, 2011

16 DAYS!!

Ok, let's hope I'm better at getting married than I am at blogging. I'm pretty sure I have lost all followers at this point (and I can't blame you) so I am writing this with the full understanding that it might be read by one person-me. :) Last Thursday was great! Not only did I get to have my mom in town, I got to take a day off work, AND we did the final walk through! Hummingbird House is prettier every time I visit it...the flowers have bloomed people!! The florist and cater knew the answer to every question, concern, and worry my Mom and I's like they have done this before. :) As we were walking around talking logistics I couldn't help but to daydream about the big is going to be wonderfully beautiful, exciting, and FUN. The countdown has begun...and I feel prepared! We are down to the last few details! I can't wait!!! And, let's be serious, I might do another blog before the actual wedding but I'm not making any promises. SO....there is a large chance I will be Mrs. Jack the next time we talk!! That has a nice ring to it. Your girl, Amber

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving right along...

Well let me start off by saying, blogging is not my strong suit. Ok, moving on....

The handsome men of the wedding are dressed!! With one quick stop to Al's Formal Wear we are done! They will be in a nice black suit with a hint of fuchsia to match their GORGEOUS counterparts. :) Jason will be in a grey suit, looking cute as always.

A little sneak peak:

I also did my make-up run through with my dear friend and makeup ARTIST...Mrs. Wendy Kelly! It was a ladies night full of wine, laughs, dancing....oh and make-up. She is great and knew exactly what I wanted...that is taken care of!! Still working on the hair part...

I have also made huge progress with the centerpieces and place settings. And by 'I', I mean my Mom and Aunt...thanks guys!!

See yall after Vegas, if I make it out alive. :)

Peace and Love,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On a Roooollll!

Hello lil' blog of mine!
First off-The holidays were PERFECTLY WONDERFUL!! They never last long enough. I spent quality time with friends and family, ate AND made delicious food, and on top of all that-Santa was good to me!!

However, the holidays did not slow my wedding planning down!!! I've gotten so much done...the to-do list is getting smaller and smaller. Let's recap the last month:
-ordered and received (today) my invitations
-found a wonderful Great-Uncle to do the ceremony ;)
-Jason got his suit...very handsome if I do say so myself
-found a florist!

I told you, look at all that progress. Oh, and I'm still having fun!

Next up is center pieces, dress groomsmen, find a hair stylist....well I won't go on...but as you can see the list is getting shorter BUT it is a long list. :)

Next BIG thing is the Bachlorette Party...all I have to say is watch out Vegas.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

and now dessert!

If you know me at all you know I have a major sweet tooth, therefore making dessert my favorite part of any meal. Why all this dessert talk? Our wedding cakes are ordered!
We went to Sweet Stuff in Kyle and there were easy, so sweet, and affordable!
The wedding cake is white, with raspberry filling and butter cream frosting. It will be three layers and simply decorated-white with small details in white and fresh flowers. The groom's cake is a chocolate lover's dream...lets just put it that way. Oh and the'll have to wait and see!

The big day is getting closer and closer and I'm getting more and more excited!!!

Next up is the florist...I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And dinner is served....

As Jason would say, and many others would agree: the food is VERY important on any special occasion. I would have to second that and when I started planning this shin-dig I said one of the most important things was the menu. There is nothing worse than going to a wedding and eating an average (at best) meal, which you know cost someone a WHOLE lot of money. My decision came easily...I'm a true Texas girl and love me some fajitas and margaritas! Well, where do you go to get the best of these things? One word-PAPPASITOS. One of my all time favorite restaurants will be a part of my special day...perfect. Not to mention, they are obviously awesome at the whole catering thing because they came HIGHLY reccommended from everyone and everywhere...and you can't beat thier prices.

My guests will be enjoying a buffet of:
Chicken and Beef Fajitas
Rice and Charo beans
Fresh chips and salsa
and....all the fixings!

Oh and one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINI!! You deserve a shout out for not only being my favorite Aunt but also for being an avid reader! :) Love you!

Good Night!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Picture Perfect

I can scratch another thing off the list.....the photogragher!
I am lucky enough to have a wonderful wedding photographer right in my very own cousin David's wife...Kim!!
I want to capture every moment of the big day and I know she is just the girl to do it!!
Want to check her out...well here ya go:

This whole planning thing is going right along! I have friends and family helping me and they are all so excited...I'm a lucky, lucky girl.
Oh and since Jason isn't much for blogging I will give you his update...he is looking for a suit. Yep, that's have it so easy.

Next up is the food...think Tex-Mex!

Have a great week!

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Love my Ladies

Hellllllo blog!!

It's been awhile but don't you worry I have not been sitting around doing nothing...I have been getting things done!!

I went home a few weekends ago and had all kinds of wedding planning fun! My wonderful Mom had a brunch, which was fablous as usual, and I had a good 3 hours of wedding talk with my dearest ladies!! Later that day we went to pick out bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. We got right down to business and found the perfect FUCHSIA get-ups!!

Heres the links to check them out: